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A short guide to sharing Photos with friends over the Internet


Removing bad ones

Please take the time and delete all bad pictures (e.g. blurred (unscharf) ) first, that saves time for all receipients (and for you while uploading)

Shrinking the pictures

I don't think it is making sense to upload 10+ MegaPixel pictures (will take very long...), so I usually shrink them to 3 MegaPixel first. This can be done with this tool.


  • Resolution=2048x1536 pixels (must be added to the list)
  • Options
    • JPEG Quality=85%
    • Rotate = 1 (using EXIF)
    • Destination = Subfolder -> "resized"
    • Output Filename = "%SRC%"

In case you want do shrink videos read this

Zip the folder containing the shrinked photos

  • Right button of the folder (named "resized" above)
  • -> Send to -> zip-compressed folder

Uploading Alternative 1: without registering anywhere

Upload the zip-file to the Internet. There are many free file-upload pages. e.g.

This will take quite some time, depending on the filesize fo your zipfile. 5-15s per shrinked photo is a rough estimate, for unshrinked 10 MegaPicel ones about ten times longer...

Alternative 2: using Dropbox (prefered)

If you are using Dropbox to sync files between different PCs you could use it to create a nice online album:

  • Copy the pictures to a subfolder of Dropbox/Photos
  • Think about shrinking the photos first (see above)
  • Wait while Dropbox does the uploading in the background, or just keep this in mind and continue
  • Right click in this folder -> Dropbox -> Copy Public Gallery Link
  • Share this link with your friends

Note: This album will be deleted when you remove the photos from your Dropbox-folder and automatically updated if you add more photos
Disadvantage: no download-complete-album button

If you want to share a download-able -zip file, just zip your stuff (see above) and place the .zip file in the subfolder "Public".

  • Right click in this file -> Dropbox -> Copy Public Link
  • Share this link with your friends

(remember to wait for dropbox to finish uploading)