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Time Machine Backups

Prepare external Hard Disk

Formating problem

Erase process has failed, press done to continue. Mediakit reports not enough space on device for requested operation.

Quoting [1] : Here's what I would try. First run

diskutil list

to get the name to the disk you're trying to format. The below commands assume this is "disk1", but replace "disk1" with the correct disk if it's something different. Now unmount the disk:

diskutil unmountDisk force disk1

and then write zeros to the boot sector:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk1 bs=1024 count=1024

finally attempt to partition it again:

diskutil partitionDisk disk1 GPT JHFS+ "My External HD" 0g

Encryption Takes For Ever

Quoting [2]: To speed up the process of TM encryption, go to Disk Utility, select your external HDD and erase and use the option journaled/encrypted. Once your external HDD is erased, you can redo the backup and the encryption will be as fast as a flash.

Install Google Keep Notes as Application via Chromium

First download Chromium and move to applications than follow this guide to create a shell script for automator.

Type     = Application
Action   = Run Shell Script
Contents = /Applications/ --app=

Save as .app in Application folder and drag to dock, done!


Hide top panel from secondary screen from [3]

Mission Control -> Uncheck the box next to 2Displays have separate Spaces"



Git requires apple xcode tools

xcode-select --install

HomeBrew Package Manager

from [4]

First update the formulae and Homebrew itself:

brew update

You can now find out what is outdated with:

brew outdated

Upgrade everything with:

brew upgrade

By default, Homebrew does not uninstall old versions of a formula, so over time you will accumulate old versions. To remove them, simply use:

brew cleanup <formula>

or clean up everything at once:

brew cleanup

or to see what would be cleaned up:

brew cleanup -n

Special Commands

show dependancies

brew deps gnuplot

search for a package/version

brew search gnuplot

manual download file into cache to install a local file [5] ignore dependencies

brew install gnuplot --ignore-dependencies