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Kubuntu 10.10 and Inkscape Crash


sudo ln -sv /usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/actions/document-properties.png /usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/actions/gtk-properties.png
sudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/oxygen/

Inkscape Slide

How to generate slides / a multipage PDFs from a multilayer inkscape file. Why: Because very nice for Latex Beamer animations:


Solution via InkscapeSlide

needs Ubuntu packages

python-pypdf python-setuptools

Install via

sudo easy_install InkscapeSlide


  • generate multiple layers (use short+simple names for them)
  • add a layer named 'content' with a single textbox with the layers you want to generate, e.g.
L1 # page1
L2 # page2
# or 
+L2 # add L2 on second page
# or 
L1 *0.5, L2 # for transparency

in a terminal run

inkscapeslide file.svg

Function Plotter

  • FIRST draw simple rectangle and select it
  • Menu-> Extensions -> Render -> Function Plotter
  • Enter Function, as well as X-Start, X-End, Y-min, Y-max
  • Numbers of Samples = 1000 (for smooth lines)
  • Apply
  • Select plot
  • Menu-> Path -> Simplify (or CTRL+L) (IMPORTANT)