Garmin Fenix 3 HR

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Pros and Cons


  • Metal case and glass cover
  • Wi-Fi for syncing directly, without battery draining bluetooth enabled on phone and watch
  • Map display of waypoints and current track works like a charm
  • Highly customization of display features


  • Optical HR measurement does not work for me when sweating (HR=199 bpm at low pace is at least 40 bpm wrong, so no minor inaccuracy)
  • Sleep diagnostics does not use HR data
  • Sleep is only detected once per day, so no afternoon nap possible in the data model
  • No build in way to manage and transport waypoints in Garmin Connect (two 3rd party apps help to fill the gap, see below)
  • PC tool "BaseCamp" and USB cable required for editing tracks and waypoints
  • PC tool "Garmin Express" and USB cable required for setting Wi-Fi Password
  • 3rd party watch faces are very slow (several seconds delay when browsing through display pages)

Low hanging fruits for Garmin Connect app

  • Sleep diagnostics using HR data and allowing for more than one sleep / nap per day
  • Enable Garmin Connect to manage and transport waypoints to phone
  • Enable Garmin Connect to set Wi-Fi passwords

Send Waypoint from Phone to Watch

  1. Install Watch App IQ Map Receiver
  2. Install Android App IQMapReceiver
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on phone and watch
  4. Use Goggle Maps to share a location and select IQMapReceiver as target
  5. In IQMapReceiver settings you might have to enable internet connection
  6. Use envelope button to send Waypoint to watch
  7. On watch select app IQReceiver (below running and other activities)
  8. Start it and press the button to save the waypoint

Create and Send GPX Track from phone to watch

see [1] Basic: It seems that gpx files can nowadays be opened by Garmin Connect app.