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Problem: 1 PC playing music, 2 PCs in different rooms are desired to play the same track

2018: Solution using mobile phones

I found 3 relevant apps:

2014: Solution using Windows & Winamp

found here: [1]

  1. Winamp (Basic version preferably)
  2. Shoutcast Server
  3. Shoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp


  1. Start shoutcast by going to the "C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast" folder and running "sc_serv.exe".
  2. Edit the shoutcast configuration file by clicking on "Edit config"
  3. Edit the parameters in the "Required stuff" section. This includes: MaxUser, Password, PortBase

Server Winamp

see [2] important: set encoder to MP3, 128 kbit

set volume to 0 and usd VLC as client on this machine as well

Client: VLC

Media -> Open Network Stream

Advanced: caching -> 10ms