ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

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This tool answers the question "When will I finally be finished?!"


  1. Enter target
    (what you are waiting for: 0 people before you in queue, 100% of a process, 234 pages of a book, 16 exercises to do, 40 piles of work done...)
  2. Enter current item count
    (people still ahead of you in queue, current percentage of process, pages read so far, exercises/work done...)
  3. Repeat 2. whenever the items change and you feel like


Countdown mode: set target = 0 and enter decreasing item counts until 0
Countup mode: set target > 0 and enter increasing item counts until target

Source code is open, contributions and feedback is appreciated. If you like this tool, please share it. See announcements at Mastrodon, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Advanced Features

Enter Delta
Enter Remaining

Add Historical Data

Export and Import

, and Import JSON:
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