Smartphone Stolen

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  • Write down the IMEI No. (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the phone
    • printed on the box
    • or dial *#06#
  • Using a min 6-digit pin code for unlocking the phone is safer than pattern/muster, that leaves traces on the screen
  • Config the lock screen to display your email address, so no "founder" can tell he was unable to contact the owner (turned you very nicely at the courtyard)
  • Test the phone finder links below

After phone is stolen

  • Call and text the phone
  • Call police and tell them the IMEI no.
  • Change stored passwords of all accounts and webpages
    • Google / Apple
    • E-Mail (very important)
    • Facebook
    • Dropbox
    • eBay
    • Amazon
    • ...
  • Lock SIM card via provider
  • Lock phone via IMEI via provider (this ensures that the phone will not work in Europe any more)


IMEI Locking

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